Dog Daycare Franchises aren’t your best investment: here’s why

By Published On: November 1, 2022Categories: Pet Business3.5 min read

A dog daycare franchise may seem like a good investment, but it’s worth a closer look. Learn more about why this opportunity isn’t the best and what’s a better choice.

What to know about the dog daycare business

You may be dreaming of combining your love of dogs with your knack for business by getting into the dog daycare industry. But before you fall in love with the idea of owning a dog daycare, make sure you know the facts.

A dog daycare, just like a daycare for kids, involves people dropping off their dogs while they’re busy at work. Some even include boarding where dogs are left overnight or for extended periods of time while their person is away from home.

Picky pet owners will be looking to ensure you’re supplying their dogs with the same kind of love and attention they’d receive at home while at your dog daycare business. While the dog is in your care, you are responsible for all the pet’s needs including walking and feeding them, playing with them, and picking up after them. The dogs in your care will need beds to sleep on, toys to play with, and bowls for water and food. The responsibility you have as a business owner while running a dog daycare franchise is different than what is involved with a dog grooming business, for example.

At a dog daycare, pets of different breeds, sizes, and different households might be interacting for extended periods of time. It’s your responsibility, and that of your employees, to make sure the dogs are relating to each other in safe and positive ways. Screening for dogs with behavioral issues can be an important part of keeping the peace.

People don’t always behave either. Pet owners, like kid parents, can be forgetful or run late, meaning you or your employees will be stuck after hours waiting for the dog in your care to be picked up. Dog owners’ need to access daycare also isn’t confined to the workweek or standard business hours. 24/7 demand means for your business to succeed, your hours are bound to be long.

While getting to play with dogs all day does sound like fun, running a business can be difficult and costly. Dog daycare franchises usually require a bigger real estate footprint than a dog grooming or pet supply business, which depending on your local real estate market, can add a considerable burden to your bottom line.

Whether or not a dog daycare is a profitable franchise business for you depends on numerous factors: which franchise you choose and what initial and ongoing fees they charge; where you wish to open your business; local laws and regulations; and area demographics. Not all pet owners have a need for daycare services.

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming: Why our dog grooming business is a better choice

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming is the leading grooming franchise concept in North America. Our dog grooming business offers a unique combination of grooming and retail, ensuring varying streams of revenue for our franchisees.

While not all dog owners have a need for boarding, Woof Gang grooms over one million dogs a year – with satisfied customers returning for our services and maintaining a 4.5-star rating on Google Reviews. While 63% of our dog grooming business is dedicated to service, the remaining 37% is retail. Our locations carry raw and dehydrated food and treats, in addition to kibble and canned foods that are high quality and nutrient rich so your pets can enjoy healthy lives. There are also pet care items like clothing, collars, leashes, and snacks that are always in high demand with dog owners, helping to increase your revenue.

The pet industry shows no signs of slowing down with nearly $124 billion spent in 2021. And Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming has some of the best economics in the pet franchising business with average store sales 3x higher than the average investment. Learn more about how to become part of a growing pet services industry and join the Woof Gang pack of franchisees. Request Franchise Information today and one of our representatives will be in touch.


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