Pet Grooming Industry Growth

A Booming, Recession-Resilient Opportunity

When you’re choosing to invest in a franchise opportunity, it’s important to be sure that you’re using your money wisely. The pet industry is experiencing rapid growth with no signs of slowing down! There are 85 million pet households in America, and 95% of those pet parents believe that their pet is part of the family. America’s devotion to their pets has driven this remarkable profitability. In 2022 alone, the industry brought in $137 billion. And the growth doesn’t stop during economic downturns: during the three most recent downturns, the industry grew by at least five percent. No matter what else is in the family budget, pets remain a priority. By offering both retail and grooming, Woof Gang franchises have among the best economics in franchising

The pet industry shows no signs of slowing down

  • 85 million pet households in America

  • 95% of pet parents believe their pet is part of the family

  • Over $137 billion in 2022

  • At least 5% growth in economic downturns

Dogs and dog treats.

Positioned to Capture the Pet Market

We like to think of Woof Gang as a Goldilocks opportunity: we’re not an independent store or a big box, but we fit perfectly in the wide open space between small, independently owned groomers and bigger national brands. At Woof Gang, we combine the best of both worlds! Our brand is strong and trusted nationwide, but our locally owned and operated stores have a neighborhood feel that customers love. Since we have the resources of a national brand, we’re able to offer high-end products and services that give our stores a boutique atmosphere. Whenever customers walk through our doors, they know that they’ll be greeted with a friendly smile and their pet will be treated to a fun, indulgent spa day. Our stores are a celebration of pets, and we’re here to give our furry friends the good life. Customers notice the difference immediately.

Dual-concept business model

With pet parents nationwide taking more of an interest than ever in their furry friend’s life, there’s never been a better time to become a part of the pet grooming industry! Woof Gang offers a unique dual-concept business model that incorporates both high-end retail and grooming. In fact, 66% of the business we do is grooming, and we groom over one million pets per year.

Dogs and dog treats.

Is the pet grooming industry right for me?

When you’re thinking about opening your own business, it’s natural to wonder which industry is the best fit for your goals and skills. If you’re entering the pet industry with no prior experience, not to worry! Many of our owners are new to pet grooming and retail, and that won’t stop you from building a thriving business. As long as you’re passionate about pets, driven, and service-oriented, you have what it takes to succeed as a Woof Gang Bakery owner. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about both the industry and our brand during your training program. While people from all walks of life can become a successful Woof Gang franchisee, those who have backgrounds in business management, retail, hair salons, and anything related to pets (including vet care) will have a natural advantage.

66% of our business is grooming

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