Dog Franchises: 5 Types to Consider & Why

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Pet industry expenditure in the U.S. reached over $126 billion in 2021. A Morgan Stanley report estimates that the industry will grow to $275 billion by 2030 thanks to a surge in new owners, favorable demographics and increased per-pet spending. The same report noted that even if personal income declines, consumers are less willing to cut pet spending.

This makes the pet industry a good investment, especially if you invest in a dog franchise opportunity.

Pet Industry Options

There are different types of businesses in the pet industry and most have franchise options. Each has considerations for a potential business owner.

Dog Daycare or Kennel

With a dog day care or kennel, space will be a key factor. The size of the property you need will depend on how many dogs you choose to accommodate at the same time. Even if you have a large hobby farm property, it will require appropriate zoning to run a commercial operation that permits dog daycare or boarding.

Dog franchises will require permits or licensing, liability insurance for dog injury or human injury and procedures for the disposal of dog waste. Cleanliness and safety are paramount and include First Aid training and the ability to handle multiple breeds and behaviors in a shared space. Pet owners may also require you to administer medications and provide a certain type of food for their pets. Cost is also a factor with a dog daycare and kennel, with the needed investment ranging from $600,000 to $2 million.

Dog Training

Options vary in this sub-set of the industry with total investment costs between $250,000 and $450,000 for leading franchise brands. You can provide general services such as puppy or obedience training, or you can provide specific training for therapy dogs, emotional support animals and dog sport training. You will need to be confident in your training when a dog presents as reactive (ie: lunging at other dogs), exhibits fear issues, has separation anxiety or is aggressive. You may wish to work for other trainers first to gain some hands-on experience.

Finally, you need a location. Will you go to the pet owner’s home, host dog training at your property or rent a property to run your business? If you travel to a pet owner’s home, you will limit the number of clients you can accommodate. If offering training at your own or rented property, space will be a key consideration as will the ability to be indoors should you face inclement weather.

Dog Washing and Grooming

There are some similarities and differences between these two services.

For both dog washing and dog grooming, you will need an appropriate facility to accommodate the washing service while also needing $200,000 to $400,000 to begin operation of a franchise brand. If there are no appointments, the facility rent (and expenses) will still have to be paid. This is often why dog washing or grooming is connected to another service.

The key difference in these options is that dog washing is done by the pet owner while grooming is handled by a professional. For grooming, the pet owner does not need to perform the service which makes it more convenient. Depending on the dog franchise, grooming also includes options such as nail clipping and health checks.

Pet Sitting or Walking

Both pet sitting and walking require you to go to the pet owner’s home, which will limit the amount of clients you will be able to accommodate on a daily basis. Pet sitting is likely needed on evenings and weekends, while pet walking is typically a daytime service. In either case, you should have a good knowledge of pet First Aid and be able to handle a variety of behaviors while the pet is under your care. Franchise startup costs for this concept are considerably cheaper, ranging from $5,000 to $10,000.

Owning a Pet Retail Store

There is no aspect of the pet industry more profitable than owning a pet store. In 2021, pet food was the highest-selling pet market product category with sales of around $50 billion. Pets will always need food and pet owners usually buy treats and toys as well.

When you own a pet retail store, the owners come to you, so your income is ongoing. You carry products pets need, and like necessary trips to the grocery store, pet stores are essential businesses for pet owners. A trusted pet franchise provides a convenient option for reliable service and repeat business. Total franchise Investment costs can span greatly, starting at $450,000 all the way to $1.5 million.

Pet Industry Options Investment Cost
Dog Daycare or Kennel $600,000-$2 million
Dog Training $250,000-$450,000
Dog Washing and Grooming $200,000 to $400,000
Pet Sitting or Walking $5,000-$10,000
Pet Retail Store $450,000-$1.5 million


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A combination pet retail store and dog grooming franchise is a smart investment for entry into the pet industry. Start your journey with us by requesting franchise information.

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