Petsmart Franchise: Why You Can’t Buy One & What to Consider Instead

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Looking to buy a PetSmart franchise? Unfortunately, you can’t. PetSmart doesn’t franchise, but learn what similar franchise opportunities exist.

The Pet Industry is Booming 

Your interest in owning a pet franchise is grounded in good sense. The pet industry is thriving; according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), in the United States, pet expenditures topped $123.6 billion in 2021, continuing an upward trend. It’s official: Americans love their pets. As more pets become beloved family members, pet parents are willing to spend money on vet care, food and treats, supplies, walking, pet sitting, and grooming. 

What About Buying a PetSmart Franchise? 

As you research which pet franchise to buy, the well-known brand PetSmart may grab your attention. But before you go further, it’s important to know PetSmart is not in the franchise business. Rather, they are a privately held chain of pet superstores along the lines of Walmart or Target, two of their closest competitors. They offer much of what a pet franchise would, things like pet services, pet supplies, accessories, and even sell small pets. But they do not offer the chance to buy a PetSmart franchise. There is no PetSmart franchise cost; it’s simply not their business model. 

So What Pet Franchises Can You Buy? 

With a PetSmart franchise out of the running as a purchase opportunity, you can explore which pet brands do offer franchising. The popularity of pet ownership indicates you’re on the right track. According to the APPA, as of 2022, 70% of U.S. households own a pet, and 69 million people own dogs. That’s a lot of furry friends needing walking, pet sitting, specialty food, treats, accessories, and grooming. So, what kinds of dog franchises are out there? Let’s explore some options:

  • Dog grooming: A franchise focusing on dog grooming provides dog owners with a much-needed service they often don’t have the time or expertise to handle. The need for dog grooming services is a constant in pet owners’ lives. A pet franchise like Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming offers grooming services and more.
  • Dog walking: If you love dogs and love getting outdoor exercise, investing in a dog walking franchise may be for you. You can build your clientele and hire employees to increase the number of walks you can take each day, thus increasing revenues. Business can be dampened by poor weather conditions and the whims of pet owners’ schedules.  
  • Pet sitting and dog daycare: If you enjoy spending all day surrounded by furry friends, a dog daycare franchise may fit the bill. You’ll need a location to house your business and plenty of space for dogs of varying sizes to play and socialize, which can get pricey.
  • Dog training: A dog training franchise requires some expertise to deal with a variety of dog behavior issues and personality types. This kind of franchise requires patience with dogs and dog parents alike as they navigate their relationships.

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming: Franchise With the Leading Grooming Franchise Concept in North America 

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming leads the pack when it comes to pet grooming franchising. It’s our mission to create the world’s largest network of neighborhood pet stores, spreading love and joy.  

Woof Gang offers a unique concept amongst pet industry franchise opportunities. Unlike our competition, we’ve created diverse revenue streams, with 63% focused on grooming and 37% on retail. Woof Gang always has something of quality and value to offer dogs and their owners with this resilient business model. We also offer our Woof Pack of franchisees tons of support and tools to make your grooming business a hit. 

If you want to serve your community, enjoy a fast-paced and dynamic environment, possess natural customer service skills, and love dogs, we have a lot to talk about with you! If you’re ready to change your life by owning a pet franchise, learn more about the opportunities Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming has for you. Request Franchise Information. 

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